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About Me

If you’re looking for a travel writer that specialises in Thailand, then I’m your guy. Whether the copy you need is travel- or sales-related, I’m keen to leave your readers with something interesting to mull over.

I’m a big fan of independent travel. My soft spot for venturing out on my own has taken me to more than 30 countries across four continents. I adore nature, jaw-dropping sceneries, quiet settings and Thai culture.

What’s in It for You if You Hire Me?

I create authentic travel pieces with a dash of humour. It’s my passion to write first-person narratives in the past tense, but I can also take a more journalistic, reportage approach, which means objective impressions and facts.

I provide travel writing services that will keep your readers coming back for more and engage new audiences, too. My stories have a point and will lead people into your sales funnel where you can convert them into paying customers.

I understand that meeting deadlines is important to you. I can save you time because you’ll never have to chase me up. I put my heart and soul in my work and deliver according to your editorial requirements, always on time and error-free.

Travel Experience

Check out my clips; they speak volumes ;-).

Fees and Quotes

If you’re worried that your budget might be too tight to afford me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’m happy to tailor my services to make sure that my fees are within your budget. I typically turn around an article in a week, but if you have an urgent deadline looming over you, reach out to me and I’ll see that I can get you off the hook.



I can craft articles in both UK and US English. Check out my portfolio and the testimonials, then get in touch to discuss your project.

Email to pm@writerphilippmeier.com

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Translation-Related Experience

I’ve translated the following from German into English:

  • a GDPR/data protection-related website
  • technical content on hydrography
  • a piece of text on esoterism
  • a few pages of a handwritten diary
  • Fabry-related medical content
  • Martial arts-related video content

Here’s what I’ve changed from English to German:

  • a luxury fashion site
  • a complex document on bio-resonance technology
  • website content about IT services
  • pet products-related blog posts
  • app-related content
  • travel-related text about a day trip in Germany
  • various tennis, squash and yoga-related product descriptions
  • Amazon product descriptions
  • a booklet for children
  • razor-related text
  • makeup remover pad text
  • text on LED lighting
  • coffee and water filter-related content

Working in another industry? Don’t fret, we Swiss are rightly called sticklers for perfection. Should there be any technical terms, I’ll do my research. Whatever the content you’d like me to translate, you can bank on receiving a proper translation – on time and often in advance of time.

Check out my clients’ feedback on peopleperhour.com; all those who’ve taken the time to rate my work have awarded me 5 stars – the highest score. You can also ask me to show you some work samples so you can take a peek at the quality of my translations.

My mother tongue, which is German, and the fact that I’ve passed both the Cambridge CPE and the Cambridge CELTA, prove that I am a qualified English/German translator. Besides, I have that little feeling a translator needs when it comes to interpreting idioms and phrases.

CPE stands for Certificate of Proficiency in English. The CPE is a level C2 certificate – it proves extremely high-level proficiency in English. CELTA – which is a level 5 certificate – is the abbreviation for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults.

Email to pm@writerphilippmeier.com

Connect on Facebook or LinkedIn

Tweet @WriterPhilippM